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Should You Sell Your Dallas Home to a House Buyer?

Posted on: April 28th, 2017 by , No Comments

should you sell your dallas home to a house buyer

When you begin the house selling journey, there are a lot of options to take into consideration. For instance, people who want to sell their property fast often consider selling to a house buying company. Some people like to hire someone to sell their house. Some people prefer to hire someone to repair or remodel their house. Others want to sell their house as-is and fast.

This could be the right choice for you. So, let’s take a closer look at some reasons why you should sell your Dallas home to a house buying company:

You Want To Sell Your Home As Fast As Possible

Often times, there are a handful of repairs, remodeling procedures, updates and contractual components when selling your house through a real estate agency. These unnecessary components elongate the time it takes to sell your house, which could be a real problem depending on a seller’s circumstance. Perhaps you are being threatened with debt collectors or repossession letters. Maybe you have had a job offer and they want you to start straight away. Whatever you situation, selling your home to a house buyer could be the perfect solution to get you moving forward.

You Don’t Want To Bother Remodeling and Repairing Your Home

With a house buyer, you don’t need to bother making costly remodels or repairs to sell your home. Some real estate brokers might suggest you hire a home inspector to then contract out a company to do repirs or remodeling. However, that isn’t necessary in many cases and can be easily avoided. You can sell your home as-is and have a home buyer take it from there. The time saved from not having to do remodels and repairs rids sellers from unnecessary stress while getting them into their new house as fast as possible.

You Want To Have Money In Your Pocket

If you are selling your house and need the money upfront for a new place, a new car, or some other reason, selling to a house buying company could be for you. You are offered a guaranteed fixed price and what you see is what you get. You don’t need to endure the long process of negotiating with potential buyers to get an agreed upon price.  This ease allows the weight of finances off a seller’s mind because they know what they’re getting, without hidden fees.

You Want to Save Money On Legal Fees and Hidden Costs

Another thing offered when you sell your home to a house buyer is the ability to save money from ridding the selling process of legal fees, solicitors, and other expensive components of selling a house. No need to bother with an estate agent or any other dispensable things. Not only can this all get really complicated, it can put a huge dent in your savings too. If you want to save money on things like these and avoid hidden fees (many of which are unknown to sellers until they are selling a house), then selling your home to a house buyer might be a perfect solution for you.
Selling a home to a house buyer may not be for everyone. We think that informing sellers of the alternate way and selling to house buying companies is important and often preferred. One of our clients, Mable Hamilton, responded to selling to Turbo Buys Houses by saying, “Thank you to Turbo Buys Houses for handling everything so fast and easy.” Selling your home doesn’t have to be a long and tiring process. You could be on the drive to your new house in no time!

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