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How Can We Buy Houses Help You?

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Do you need to sell your house in the DFW area and do not have the time to wait ? You do not have to wait for an agent to list your home for sale nor take on the task as a DIY and sell it for sale by owner (FSBO).  An alternative options is to sell it quick for cash, give us a call! We buy houses in the DFW area. We pay cash for houses as-is and we close within a few days. In some cases we can close in as little as few days.

We will discuss a few of the many house buying situations that we focus on. While we deal with some of these types of circumstances, we buy houses for various other other reasons as well. To learn more about our innovative process and how to get it started go ahead and visit our web page now.

Does your house need too many repairs?

we buy houses help you with repairs
Whether you are willing to make the repairs or not, the costs will add up very rapidly. Many houses need minor home repairs that end up turning into full remodels because of wood rotting and out dated plumbing. Also where you live plays a big role in the type of repairs you frequently may need to do on you house. For instance for those who live in an area near water they may find a need to take on lots repairs you would not normally expect. Heavy rains cause flooding and storms with strong winds will likely cause damage to major parts of your house. On the other hand towns and cities that are hot with long summers such as the Dallas Fort worth metroplex area have their own set of drawbacks and cause houses to have a shorter life span. Foundation that moves and roof with hail damage are the norm requiring major work and repair. We buy homes in Dallas that require extensive repairs and we prefer them too!  We enjoy seeing the transformation of these houses into homes for a new family who will appreciate it.

Are you stuck with an inherited house ?

We buy houses passed on as with an inheritance regardless of the condition they are in.  We want buy your house, whether you inherited a house though probate court or not. Inherited houses come with and added level of responsibility and possible stress including taxes, repairs and all other maintenance costs. It is possible to get fast cash for your extra house and be done with the headache? We buy houses companies offer such solutions.

Are recently divorces or currently going through one?

we buy houses help you with divorce
We pay cash for houses and close fast, a offer several options to help you sell your home fast and move.  Divorce is normally tough for people to go through.  Frequently, couples who just want to move on with their lives yet may end up having to share a portion of a home.  At closing we pay you each individually and you will have the option wired and a check made out to you ready for cashing. The day that we close you will have money in your hands to help you get started and move on with whatever plans you have.

We buy houses and Stop Foreclosure

Another one of those tough situations that some home owners have to go through is the dreaded Foreclosure. The services we offer are truly one of the best options a home owner has and a great to stop foreclosure. We provide fair cash offers on your home that may cover the amount that you owe even if behind on payment and give you the chance to start over in a new home without destroying your credit. If you are currently in pre-foreclosure, let us buy your house before it hits foreclosure.  Even if the house is behind on payments or underwater.  We have the expertise to negotiate with your bank.

Being a land lord can be too much to trouble !

we buy houses help you with landlording
We buy houses from landlords as well. Land-lording is not easy work and requires a unique set of skills and experience. A vacant property  is extremely costly. while bad tenants is a common complaint land lords have to deal with.  Mortgage, Taxes and insurance costs will be there every month on the property regardless weather it is rented out or not.  Give us a call if you want to do less of the property management and land lording trouble that comes along with rentals. If this is something you want to do less of, or stop doing all together and regardless whether the house occupied or not.  We will make you an offer on it or can advise you on the best solutions for your unique situation.

Are you re-locating?

Many have jobs that may require them to move every few years. This makes selling your house more stressful than normal circumstances. Adding deadlines than need to be met is can be a frustrating process. We know how to close fast and make selling a more simple and convenient option. You will be able to use all of the extra time saved by selling to us to focus on the move and the more important things in your life.

In Summary

we buy houses help you with financial freedom
Selling your home to us is certainly one of the most convenient and stress free ways to sell your house fast at a fair price. We buy houses in DFW for many all the reasons addressed in this article and all the time.  We are house buying professionals who offer professional assistance to home sellers.  If we feel we are not the best option for you we will let you know. We have the expertise needed to sell a house fast. If you are serious about selling your house for cash we would love to hear from your and discuss your situation one on one with one of our consultants.  Call us at Turbo Buys Houses 469-666-7128 now !

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