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Listing with a Real Estate Agent vs Selling Your House for Cash

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Should you choose to go with listing with a real estate agent, selling to a cash buyer, or maybe selling it on your own? Selling your house is a difficult process because there are so many options and your house is likely the most expensive investment you ever make.

Owning a house has many advantages and one of those benefits of owning real estate is having plenty of options. The options vary whether you are buying as well as selling as house. As a homeowner that is wants to find more options in selling your home, you need to educate your self to learn the various options and determine which works best for your unique situation when selling your house.

listing with a real estate agent

Selling Your House Yourself

FSBO or For sale by owner is one of the signs you see today on homes for sale. It is an option some homeowners choose to do in order to save on closing costs and realtor commissions.  This is certainly something homeowners can do.  Yet many do not understand how difficult this can be and end up not maximizing the potential a house has when selling it on market. Perhaps in some cases it may work out well yet other times putting up with the hurdles that come with not listing with a real estate agent can end up indirectly costing more rather than saving money.

The Pros of How To Sell Your House By Owner

Time is a Factor

If you are no rush and can wait or if you are not in a hurry to sell your home then listing it for sale by owner can be an advantage.  You can set your asking price and hold firm to this. The schedule for showing the home will be dictated by you. This can be done during the times that are most convenient for you.

Change Your Mind

Should you change your mind and decide that you do not want to sell your home you can simply stop the effort to do so. You will have the option of when you want to sell and you can change your mind as you wish without have listing contract with a realtor.

Potential Savings

Saving on realtor commissions.  One of the big reasons that most people prefer not to use the option of listing with a real estate agent is because they can save money on the realtor fees. This is usually a 6% fee, which can be a big saving on the home sale.  Yet Realtors or Cash buyer do have the experience in selling houses and doing complex paperwork.

Some Cons of Selling Your Home FSBO

cons of selling yourself and listing with a real estate agent

Commitment to Time & Repairs

Being prepared to spend and devote plenty of time to the home sale is not unusual expectation when not listing with a real estate agent.

You also will need to be available to take phone calls from interested buyers who will want to set up an appointment for a showing. You will then have to make your self available to show the home. Closing without a realtor means knowing the legalities that are involved and being ready to take on the paperwork associated with a sales including writing up contracts.

Sales and Marketing.  Selling a home require selling skills and so you will need to be involved in some form of advertising. This takes time in writing up the ad copy. Then there will be some research involved as to where to advertise and how to maximize a house selling potential.

Learning Curve needed to know How To Sell Your House By Owner

Listing with a real estate agent you are relying on their support or expertise. There is a lot that goes into selling a home. You are going to have to learn at least the basics of this to be successful. These professionals know how to sell a home by emphasizing its strong points. With you having a personal attachment to the home you may focus on this. Potential buyers may not find what you consider to be strong points applicable to them.

Safety Factors

It is important to consider the safety factors when allowing strangers into your home. Most often those who want to look at the home come in pairs or groups. This may make you feel uncomfortable as you don’t really know what their true intentions may be. Closing without a realtor can leave you open to making some serious mistakes.

Selling Your House for Cash

Another option besides listing with a real estate agent is to simply sell your home for cash. This is a good solution for a quick sale with a flexible asking price.

The Pros of Selling Your House for Cash

stop listing with a real estate agent and sell for cash


Quick Cash

If you need quick cash then selling your house for cash may be just the solution you need.  Some individuals are not able to take on Cash intensive tasks or going through a struggle financially.  This is fine as almost everyone goes through this stage at one point or another.


In many cases a very quick closing date can be arranged. Selling your house for cash is the fastest method for home selling. It takes very little time for the sales contract to be drafted.


Most often when a home is up for sale it means multiple showings before it sells. There may also be a need for several open houses which can be a nuisance. You do not  have to go through the inconvenience of having to show your home to potential buyers.

The Cons of Selling Your House For cash

Less Money

A cash sale usually doesn’t give you much room to negotiate the selling price. The buyer has a set amount they are willing to spend. You need to decide whether the cash price is something you feel is fair and that you are willing to accept.

Limited Time

Normally with a cash sale, the closing is much quicker. You need to decide whether it will allow you enough time to make the move and find new lodgings.

Listing with a Real Estate Agent

There are a lot of good reasons why most home sellers want to follow through with a listing with a real estate agent.

The Pros of Listing with a Real Estate Agent


sell for cash don't go for listing with a real estate agent


Real estate agents are professionals. They have all the knowledge necessary to sell real estate. They have the expertise to analyze the market in the areas in which they work.

Network and Contacts

Agents have many different resources to draw from when it comes to potential buyers. They usually have access to large databases. These connect to other realty agencies that list potential clients.

Advertising Resources

A real estate agent has the expertise to be able to advertise the home in the right venues. They know how to write the copy and how to promote the sale.

Legal Matters

There is a lot of paperwork and legalities to tend to for a home sale. Real estate agents are trained in this area. They can avoid some of the costly mistakes that can be made during a home sale.


Realtors dedicate their time to showing the home and have the knowledge of how to close the sale. They have the negotiating skills when it comes to the financial aspects of the sale.

Listing With a Real Estate Agent disadvantages


The 6% realtor fee is the biggest disadvantage. You will have to pay this once the sale is closed.


You are making a commitment with your chosen realtor. They will be the only one allowed to sell your home during the duration of the contract.

Be Realistic

You have the ultimate say in what your house should be listed for. Your realtor will encourage you to be realistic in the listing price. This will be based on his analysis of sales in your area.


Sell Your House Now!

listing with a real estate agent takes anywhere from 4 – 10 months depending on your market. In Dallas Fort Worth, it could take some time with area and house condition playing a major role in ability to sell a house quick . If you do not have the time or resources we understand that. At Turbo Buys Houses, we specialize in quick home sales for cash.

We will make you a cash offer and you can get your house closed with speedy processing at title company with a check on the spot! Call us today to get a no obligations quote for your house, or just to get your questions answered. We are always happy and ready to talk! Contact us at 469-666-7128.

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