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Should I Sell My Rental Property in Dallas, TX?

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Are you a land lord.  If so you may get to a point in time you simply ask yourself should I sell my rental property in Dallas Fort Worth, TX?

Yes it is hard to predict the future yet we see a few common reasons and triggers for this question among land lords or people who own rental houses. This may also trigger a series of other questions as a consequence. This now means giving some serious thought to the answers so that you can move forward confident that you have made an educated decision.

To Keep Or Sell My Rental Property?

Let us dig a little deeper and address the pros and cons to selling your rental property vs keep it for cash flow.


sell my rental property


Benefits of Keeping the Rental Property Include:

Some of the benefits of having rental property are common knowledge and you may be aware of or else, you would not have gone out and purchased on in the first place. Unless you were one of those accidental landlords. The goal is to answer question and determine if you were still enjoying the benefits you initially were seeking? Or are the benefits just not worth the time and work involved?

While the benefits are many some include:

  • Owning a rental property can be an  alternative to selling your house when you have personal interest in the property
  • Cash flow when positive which is what you get to keep after deducting all expenses does tend to provide and added level of security in the form of additional income
  • Added income from the rent collected that can be put to good use such as improving the property and positively contributing to the neighborhood and community
  • Enjoying the benefit of paying down the mortgage and building equity and long term wealth


sell my rental property?

On the other hand possible disadvantages to owning a rental property occupied with tenants vary based on the owner’s circumstances.  Here are few drawbacks to consider.

  • Maintenance and upkeep the property
  • The trouble of dealing with tenants and their demanding requirements
  • Potential for legal issues with associated costs
  • Being a landlord is time consuming and requires significant effort to be done right and produce the positive results
  • Added requirement for hiring a professional to properly deal with the tax consequences of selling a rental property.

Are you considering selling your rental property? It is worthwhile looking at options for selling your Dallas Fort Worth house fast.

Should I sell My Rental Property Now?

Once you have decided to move forward to sell your property you should ask yourself and move on to the next step.  When should I sell my rental property?  Is selling now the best option for my situation.

A few factors will come in to play and influence your decision.  Here are reasons for deciding to sell.


sell rental property dallas

Should I sell My Property to Pay off Debt?

Are you are having a hard time making your payments and feeling the burden ? Should you sell your rental property in Dallas Fort Worth ? Great question!

As you face or deal with a more specific question such as should I sell my rental property to pay off debt? Seeking to find the best answer to this question you will need to analyse the little details and costs associated with owning your rental property. You need to look at all the costs of the rental property and determine your profit from the rental unit.

Then you need to look at the cost of your interest rates on your debt and see what you would be saving if these were cleared. There are other factors that you need to take into account as well… like the long term value of the rental property over time.

Should I Sell My Rental Property at a Loss?

You might have a solid reason to sell your rental property even at a loss.

Then you may have to ask yourself, “should I sell my rental property at a loss?”

This can be really disturbing as nobody likes to lose money. The one advantage may be for tax purposes where a loss can be realized.

Depending on the real estate market at the time you may not have a choice if you need to sell the property quickly.

Can I Sell My Rental Property with Tenants in it?

Can you sell a rental property with tenants in it?

There are pros and cons to selling your rental property when the tenants still live there.

With tenants in place you are showing the property is generating an income. It saves a potential new buyer from having to find tenants. The downside is dealing with the tenants during the sale process.

Some tenants will cooperate where others won’t. When the property is on the market it means that the realtor is going to have to show it. Tenants may find this an inconvenient and will try and make it difficult for showings. Or, they may not tend to the property properly and it won’t show at its best. To answer this question you are going to have to really know how your tenants are going to react to the sale. You can also discuss the pros and cons with your Realtor who is experienced in this.

To find out more about selling a rental property with tenants please read this article.

It really just boils down to what makes the most sense for your circumstances

You can do this by looking at your personal circumstances. Make sure that when making your decisions to think about the long term of your actions.

You may be in a temporary financial circumstance that needs addressing. Selling the property could maybe help with this. However, would doing this put you at a bigger disadvantage later on down the road?

Be sure to rely on the right professionals when you decide to sell your rental property. These are experts like a Realtor or a cash Dallas Fort Worth home buyer.

They can help answer the questions you are faced with. Their advice can help you take the right steps in regards to a sale. Also, if you are feeling frustrated over your rental property this may be temporary and you don’t want to make a hasty decision because you may be having a bad day.

Then there are times when the housing market is really booming and you may decide this is the best time to sell. Consider the reasons why you entered into rental property and see if this has changed.


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Is your rental property generating the cash flow and returns you were expecting.  How do you manage it ?  tell us more about your experience.

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