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What is Probate on a House ?

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Intro to Probate on a House in Texas

Are you an executor or executrix of a will? Did you inherit a house?  If so you will need to learn about probate on a house.

Probate is required for proving a will and outlines the wishes of the deceased. Probate on a house generally speaking is a legal process. Claims against the will are addressed legally with the probate process.

probate court carries out Probate on a house.  It determines whether a will is authentic, the executor has the authority to overlook and take action to complete the details in a will.  The court also assigns authority to the inheritor or executor to go about the probate house sale process as well should their be one.

Laws vary by state yet Probate laws do share many basic principals.  Real estate professionals agent and house Investors in Texas who wish to pursue purchasing houses in probate need to understand the laws.

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Selling a House in Probate

Selling a home or an inherited the house is an emotional endeavor when an individual is looking to sell and inherited house. They remember the home they grew up in as kids and have suddenly inherited.  Often the question is should one keep it as a second home or turn it into a rental as selling the inherited house is not an easy decision.

If one is needing to sell the house it make it even more of a tough situation as it is financial as well as emotional. Going through a probate case, is a legal undertaking and will certainly be stressful.

Rely on the right professionals who can help guide you through the entire process reducing the stress burden when possible. Find a probate lawyer to handle the probate matter and various legalities.

Next you can pursue talking to real-estate professionals such as Investors or Realtors that have proven know how and experience with the sale of a probate house.

You can also sell the house quickly, this will give you a fast cash offer from a local house buying company that is ready and able to buy houses for cash.

Probate House Sale, the Process

The probate house sale process. is determined by the legal probate process.

when a will exists the probate courts determine the course of action according to the will.

Without a will it will be the person filing for probate, or Administrator volunteer. Involved parties must deal with the person who has authority to sell.

After all legal matters are taken care of the the selling a house in probate process is not different than selling any other house with the same rules for a normal house sale.

Issues to be dealt with vary and could include encumbrances, liens, easements and encroachments. A standard home sale make require repairs and these may be minor or major repairs that are needed and typically will have to be worked on prior to listing a house on market the traditional route.  Any repairs not fixed will have an impact on not only the sale price but as well as how long it take to sell the house fast on market.

Repairs are allays an issue during the home inspection and all these matters ought to be closely considered during the probate on a house process as well as in later stages of a fast house sale.

sell my house in probateSetting the Selling Price for the House

As with all laws, there are acts that dictate how they must be applied. It is the executor who sets the asking price for the house.

This is in accordance with the Administration of Estates Act.

This individual will have the experience of knowing what the house is worth. His opinion will be based  on the current market value for the home. This will be according to comparable value to other homes in the area and its current condition.

Once the price has been agreed upon, it is then listed with a Realtor, or sold to a cash home buyer. This is all just part of the probate house sale process.

Marketing the Property For Sale

Professionals in real estate and house investors as well as a Realtor that is experienced with probate on a house legalities will see that everything is in order.  Do this prior to marketing the house.  Marketing process for selling a home in probate is pretty much identical as with as any home sale.

Advertising, signage, and multiple listing opportunities will be taken advantage of. The agent will also schedule and attend to the home showing appointments.

If you’d rather avoid going through all of this, you can skip it by calling us to get a no-obligation cash offer to buy the house as-is. Call us at 469-666-7128 today and we can get you an offer within 24 hours.

Offer acceptance

Any offer that is being considered must be at least 90% of what the Probate referee has appraised it at. If this is the case, then negotiations can continue.

A Notice of Proposed Action has to be mailed to the heirs. This is if the offer has been accepted. This is in compliance with the probate selling laws.

Objections must be filed within fifteen days. If they are not, then no court hearing will be held.

Notice of the sale may have to be published in a local newspaper. This is if the executor or Administrator does not have full authority under the IAEA. The same applies if there has been an objection by one of the heirs.

The estate lawyer will apply for a court date for the sale execution.

Probate on a house has a lot of rules that must be followed and the process can be time-consuming, but if it is handled by the right professionals, then in most cases it goes smoothly.

Avoiding Probate on a House

Avoiding probate on a house in Texas can be accomplished with some preventative measures. Instead of looking at leaving the standard type will take a look at writing a Living Trust. Your house and other assets are left to a trust. This puts a trustee in authority over them, on behalf of the beneficiaries. This way the house will not have to be probated because it has already come under the authority of the trust.

Another advantage of using the trust is that it eliminates the cost of having to go through a probate. This is a big advantage. Often the fees associated with the probating of a will are based on a percentage of the entire estate.

If you end up with a house inheritance and have to deal with a probate house sale process, it may get you thinking. You may be worried about your personal situation. You don’t want to put your loved one through the same stress of selling a house in probate.

These are all important factors that you will want to consider when you are seeking out the answers to the what probate on a house is in Texas question.


When you are involved in a probate on a house you should first begin to fully understand what it entails. Then know which professionals are going to help you the most. Choose experienced experts that can help you through the entire selling a house in probate process.

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